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Chi-Hung Le


Chi-Hung Le is a wedding, fashion, portrait and commercial  photographer based in Ottawa - Canada. He started out shooting photographs using film SLR cameras and switch over to Digital SLR cameras when they were made available.

His work published on Muscle Insider Magazine, Flare Magazine, Loulou Magazine, Ottawa Metro News, Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Viet Sun Magazine and In-TheCity Magazine.

For Chi-Hung, photography is about people and emotions capturing every little detail and having the creativity to records those exquisite moments in time. His passion for photography led him to launch LE-FOTOS.

De Tran


De Tran is a portrait and modeling photographer based in Ottawa – Canada. His specialist is about making portfolios for new models with creativity, artistic and an eye for fashion. Ability to create or plan different background for the photo shoot and helping new models by telling them how to pose and what to wear. Additionally, he is very organizational skills, be able to meet deadlines, and be flexible enough to travel on a moment’s notice.

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